Brand architecture

Writing Emakina


The word Emakina is written in a specially designed typography (Museo Sans). Always use the original vector files and never replace it with a similar font.

When it comes to writing the company name:

  • Always write 'Emakina' with a capital 'e' and lowercase 'makina'.
  • Never play with the capitalisation in our brand name.
  • Never write 'emakina', 'eMakina' or 'e-makina'.

Here are some guidelines on how to write Emakina entities and departments.


These names must only be used when referring to a specific legal entity.

When writing the name of Emakina agencies, be certain to always capitalise the initial ‘E’ as well as the extension: Emakina.AE, Emakina.AT, Emakina.BE, Emakina.CH, Emakina.DE, Emakina.FR, Emakina.HR, Emakina.IN, Emakina.NL, Emakina.PL, Emakina.QA, Emakina.RS, Emakina.SA, Emakina.SE, Emakina.SG, Emakina.TR, Emakina.UK and Emakina.US.


Departments, competence centres and all subdivisions are written like this: Emakina/Digital Marketing, Emakina/Motion, Emakina/Influx, etc. When using softwares like Photoshop or InDesign, the slash is surrounded by narrow, non-breaking spaces.

However, when mentioned in body copy, ‘Emakina’s Motion team’ is more elegant. As a title or heading, though, ‘Emakina/Motion’ works best.

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In case of a partnership between Emakina and another company for a consortium, project, or event, write Emakina-Microsoft, for instance, where the hyphen is attached to both words.