Brand architecture

Writing Emakina


One does not simply write names of the different Emakina entities and their departments: there are a few simple yet important rules to follow.
Reminder: use Museo Sans, as explained in the Typography section.


These names must only be used when referring to a specific legal entity.

When writing the name of Emakina agencies, be certain to always capitalise the initial ‘E’ as well as the extension: Emakina.BE, Emakina.PL, Emakina.AE, etc.

Remember, when writing about a project, for instance, it is not necessary to specify which entity delivered it: in many cases, several entities collaborate to produce the best possible jobs. ‘Emakina did this awesome thing’ is also easier on the eye than ‘Emakina.XX for the win’.



Departments, competence centres and all subdivisions are written like this: Emakina/Digital Marketing, Emakina/Motion, Emakina/Influx, etc. When using softwares like Photoshop or InDesign, the slash is surrounded by narrow, non-breaking spaces.

However, when mentioned in body copy, ‘Emakina’s Motion team’ is more elegant. As a title or heading, though, ‘Emakina/Motion’ works best.



In case of a partnership between Emakina and another company for a consortium, project, or event, write Emakina-Microsoft, for instance, where the hyphen is attached to both words.