The brand


Discover the richness of the Emakina brand – a success story built on 20 years of visionary thinking, business acumen and technological prowess. Our name is synonymous with being the ultimate user agency, so learn how to make us shine.


The Emakina baseline doesn’t form part of the logo. It’s usually placed at the bottom of a visual (or where designers know where to integrate it without dominating the logo).

It should only be used in ads, newsletters, email signatures, on the back of casebooks and at the bottom of roll up ads. We don’t need it on legal documents, screensavers, car stickers, stationery or proposals.

The User Agency


The Emakina symbol was created in 1991. At that time the emblem was a stylisation of the letters E and M from Ex Machina. The analogical curves of the ogives developed into more digital squares when Ex Machina merged with Emalaya in 2001 to give birth to Emakina.
Today the three horizontal and vertical hyphens also symbolise the combination of the three elements (BUSINESS, CREATIVITY and TECHNOLOGY) that make up our DNA.

Some rules
  • Never play with our logo as a graphical element.
  • Never use our logo as a bullet point or bar chart.
  • Never use our logo as a texture or an illustration.

safe area

Always leave an empty area around our logo. Don't smother it — our logo gets claustrophobic! The empty area is measured with the width (X) of the Emakina’s symbol.

Do's and Don'ts

  • Our logo is proud and always stands up straight.
    Don’t put him to sleep!
  • Don’t stretch or distort the logo.
  • Don’t rotate the logo.
  • Don’t do disgusting things.
  • Don't use a pattern or an image over the logo.