The Emakina Brand

Baseline Emakina

This is the Emakina baseline; it is not part of the logo and should live its own, independent life. As its name suggests, the baseline is usually placed at the bottom of a visual, but this is not always the case: good designers know how to efficiently integrate it without making it seem as part of the logo. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask the MarCom team about it.

The baseline should only be used in Emakina advertisements and communications. We really do not need it appearing on legal documents, screensavers, car stickers, stationery items, offers, etc.

But it has to be present on print material and all advertisements and communication about Emakina. The baseline also appears in the Orange Book, at the bottom of Emakina newsletters, in email signatures, on the back of Emakina casebooks and at the bottom of roll up ads, etc.

The User Agency


The Emakina symbol was created in 1991. At that time the emblem was a stylisation of the letters E and M from Ex Machina. The analogical curves of the ogives developed into more digital squares when in 2001 Ex Machina merged with Emalaya to give birth to Emakina.
Today the three horizontal and vertical hyphens also symbolise the combination of the three elements (BUSINESS, CREATIVITY and TECHNOLOGY) that make up our DNA.

Some rules
  • Never play with our logo as a graphical element.
  • Never use our logo as a bullet point or bar chart.
  • Never use our logo as a texture or an illustration.

Emakina word

According to our legal department, we cannot force you to tattoo the Emakina word in the back of your neck. This doesn’t mean that you can just play with it as you please.
The word Emakina is written in a specially designed typography. Do not try to replace it with another similar typography, always use the original vector files.

Some rules
  • In a sentence, write 'Emakina' with a capital 'e' and lowercase 'makina'.
  • Never play with the capitalization in our brand name.
  • Never write 'emakina', 'eMakina' or 'e-makina'.

safe area

Always leave an empty area around our logo - stop smothering it, our logo has claustrophobia issues. The empty area is measured with the width (X) of the Emakina’s symbol.

coloured logos

To properly use the coloured logos, check out the meaning of each colour here.

Colours & meanings

See the colours and their meanings

incorrect usage

  • Our logo is proud and always stands up straight.
    Don’t put him to sleep!
  • Don’t stretch or distort the logo.
  • Don’t rotate the logo.
  • Don’t do disgusting things.
  • Don't use a pattern or an image over the logo.

sticker logo

The sticker logo is an alternative to the main vertical logo.


After acquisitions, there is a transition period during which the name of the acquired company will be affected. In order to maintain the acquired company’s reputation and renown, its name should be maintained during said transition period. Here are the two ways this can happen:

  • Dempsey, part of Emakina Group (name of acquired entity + 'part of Emakina Group')
  • Emakina DBG (Emakina + name of acquired entity)