business cards


There are four colours for business cards: the three colours and a fourth PREMIUM colour. Please only give your business card in person.

  • Orange – Creative
  • Blue – Technology
  • Green – Business
  • Black – Premium



Yes, we do still use paper mail from time to time. Please use these for all invoices and official Emakina mail. Be careful to use the format standardly used in your country.

compliment cards


Don’t be shy: everybody loves receiving mail that's not made of bills. This nice little gesture will be appreciated by clients, providers or colleagues for occasions like the end of a project or New Year best wishes.

Letterhead and Invoicing

Using these templates for follow-up letters and invoice mail is compulsory, as our terms and conditions and bank account are included.


available soon

There is a template for business offers, so you don’t even need to keep a designer handy to make them sparkle while respecting our guidelines.



Not that it would impress anyone, but corporate folders give an extra touch of class to your stacks of sheets - even when the sheets are blank. But seriously, use these for your price offers and other documents given to clients instead of Hello Kitty and Star Wars folders - no one thinks it's cute anymore.