Visual identity

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This is where things get really fun with our toolbox of patterns, images, treatments, key visuals and backgrounds to help you bring our brand to life. It’s here to inspire and delight you but if you feel anything’s missing, please contact us at

Key visuals


These striking visuals are a nod to our digital native identity and show a mash-up of real and virtual worlds.


In the same style, we’ve created visuals for each of our main services – scroll through the library to find your match.

Image library


More pre-approved visuals to brighten up your work – feel free to use these images in your presentations.

Gettyimages board
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visual treatment

Here’s an example of how you can apply a futuristic filter over a basic stock photo to creat a unique Emakina look (scroll over the image from left to right).

Filter instructions


Our graphic pattern is based on Emakina’s logo and proportions. Check out how we applied it on print material.

  • Respect its size and proportions.
  • Use the surface pattern for covers (eg. on the back of a business card, a back-cover or an inside cover).
  • When empty space is needed for content, use the corner 'virus' patterns.

See examples

See examples


Our team pages should show off the vibrancy, personality and diversity of our Emakinians. Check out our guidelines to create a fun photo shoot that fits our brand.

See Instructions


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To show a glimpse behind the scenes, get high quality photos of our work spaces around the world.